How It Works

Our minds are powerful. They can help us accomplish incredible things. They are also complex, unpredictable, and can conspire against us. As climbers, a clear, decisive mind built on strong self-belief is essential for fulfilling our potential, and for keeping us safe.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy proposes that all emotion and behaviour serve a purpose. Acting as a mental ‘shorthand’ to help us make decisions based on previous experiences, the process is rooted in the dawn of our evolution. It’s vital, necessary, and usually helpful. But not always. This silent intent can leave us feeling powerless - as though something is holding us back. Feelings of frustration, hopelessness and low mood can quickly take hold.


You’re not alone. I’ve been through this myself. It’s what led me to Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and why I now practice it.


Together we’ll find out what’s shaping your personal shorthand, help you manage your thoughts and feelings, and to tackle life’s challenges. And by re-framing your approach, and working on the art of the possible, you’ll be free to live your best life.