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 The most insidious lie anxiety tells it's victims, is that it is stronger and more powerful than they can ever hope to be. I make no secret about it - I've been there myself. At times it felt like I was tiny, being tossed around inside a wave. Overwhelmed by the sheer power of the forces around me - totally without control, no matter how hard I fought to sw...


WHAT a weekend. I had an absolute blast talking to some amazing women about seeking help, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and how your outlook can have a huge impact on life. I mentioned I would be writing a series of blog posts based on my talk, in case people wanted to refer back to something or missed it entirely! So here is the first of that series. I talked abo...


Dictionary definition: 

"Lazy - Unwilling to work or use energy 

1.1 Characterized by a lack of effort or activity

1.2 Showing a lack of care"

(Oxford English Dictionary) 

In our society, ‘lazy’ is a dirty word. It stands counter to a lot of our modern ideals - “work hard and good things will come to you”. Lazy people are dimly regarded - seen as selfish, antisoc...


As we go through our lives, we tell ourselves a story about who we are. Simple statements such as "I'm not creative". The mind likes certainty, so it looks for proof to support this narrative. 

But how often do we actually challenge these beliefs, especially when they hold us back? Too often I've heard people say they'd love to paint but "they just aren'...


I spent some time this morning watching a video of Nalle Hukkataival, a Finnish climber, establishing the hardest boulder problem in the world. For the uninitiated, bouldering simply means climbing at low level over crash pads without using any ropes. They are called 'problems' because you have to work out how to climb them, and in this way are similar to ma...

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February 27, 2018

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